Give me 20 min a day, change the world.

The #gimme20 initiative aims to get more people to commit to taking action for only 20 min a day to bring about social change.

This is NOT about sharing info or joining a meeting but just 20 min of action.

phone calls

  • letters
  • postcards
  • action planning
  • march
  • interviews with the media
  • other ideas?

if you commit 20 min a day = > thats 2 hours and 2 min a week,

and more than 100 hours a year! !
If only 20 people to join me, that’s 2000+ hours a year WOW!!!
If 200 of the 648 people who joined the Jan 20 march commit then that’s 200,000+ hours => we can do this!
1 idea for 20 min of action will be posted each day … you can be the change.