Online resources

This page has some PDFs, resources and links from my past workshops and events.


TIP Trafficking in persons

Women’s health

Women in conflict

Other related articles:

List of Organizations Working for Women’s Rights


FEW March 2016 presentation key slides

2016 March 26 FEW resources Rossitto


Tokyo Met Govt disaster preparation booklet – Lets get prepared!



Many Wards in Tokyo also have their own info in J and E – just a few examples





Emergency Preparedness and You

Are You Ready?: An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness

Your Emergency Preparedness Guide

Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

Emergency Plan Checklist

Save the Children Psychological First Aid Training Manual for Child Practitioners

Helping children through crisis: Tips for parents and caregivers Mercy Corps


World disasters report

Minimum Standards for Prevention and Response to Gender-based Violence in Emergencies

Recognise the strength of women and girls in reducing disaster risks! (CASE STUDIES)

The effect of gender equality programming on humanitarian outcomes

Putting women at the forefront of climate change and disaster response in the Pacific

Gender-based Violence and Child Protection among Syrian Refugees in Jordan, with a Focus on Early Marriage

Post-disaster assessment in Myanmar highlights disproportionate impact on women

Diversity and Women’s Role in Emergency Management

Gender Equality and Disaster Risk Reduction

Gender and health in disasters

Gender in disaster network

Making Women’s Voices Count,,contentMDK:23077040~menuPK:4078406~pagePK:2865114~piPK:2865167~theSitePK:4077908,00.html

Gender Sensitive Approaches to disaster management

Sphere standards and references


Japan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (JVOAD)

Women’s Network for East Japan Disaster (Rise Together)

Peace boat disaster volunteer center


ADVOCACY RESOURCES – 2014 workshop

MAIN TEXT for the advocacy workshop

Advocacy Toolkit – influencing the post MDGs development agenda

Session 2 pages 25-32

Session 3 pages 31- 39

Session 4 pages 35-51

Choose 1 to review after Session 1 – introduction to advocacy

  • 1. What is advocacy? What is the purpose?
  • 2. How is it done? outline the process.
  • 3. Why do NGOs do this? Who actually does it?
  • 4. How is it different from the other approaches discussed so far?
  1. BOND – how and why of advocacy 2.1howwhyadvocacy(2)
  2. NGOs and advocacy chapter14
  3. Overview of Japanese Nonprofits and Advocacy Activities Japanese Nonprofits and Advocacy Activities

Choose 1 to review after Session 2 – look at the sections on media and champions

  1. Best Practices for advocacy
  2. From advocacy to access
  3. Care Toolkit section 4
  4. Political Analysis and Mapping web version

Choose 1 to review after Session 3 – look at the section on meeting decision makers

References to review after Session 4

Part 2 Case studies

  1. NGO advocacy in Thailand
  4. Atkinson – international NGO’s
  5. Kenya_CriticalStoriesofChange
  6. publi health campaign cars smoking
  7. tusummary
  8. Why advocate WATSAN D5 & TILZ version
  9. WP15_Atkinson_OxfamSriLanka_Web
  10. WP17_Para55 _Bourne_We




Online activities 
Games for change – Try some yourself!
Games for change
Inside the Haiti EQ, On the ground reporter – darfur
The carpet gang
Hungry decisions
Food force

Smart shopping and ethical consumerism
Fair Trade Fashion – Ethical Shopping
The Fair Trade Federation
Fair Trade Products, Homeware, Gifts & Jewellery from Oxfam Shop
Socially Responsible Shopping and Action Guide | Global Exchange

Consume with a Conscience: The Rise of Ethical Shopping

Shop at the supermarket with a clear conscience!
Ethical Shopping
Green America: Economic Action for a Just Planet –
Green America: Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again – in …

Green Business Directory Featuring Sustainable Business Products …
Green Business Network

NGO volunteer needs
1. Run for the Cure Foundation  – Volunteers Wanted: までお問い合わせ下さい!
2. TELL counselor training
3. Peace Boat – volunteers on board
Disaster volunteer training program
4. Habitat for Humanity

fundraising and grant proposal writing resources

Research and background information

Magazines/online magazines

Chornicle of philanthropy
Charity channel

Other On-line resources

Imagine Canada
Global Philanthropy
Grantmakers online
International grants
Company Giving
Council on Foundations
The Foundation Center
Japan Foundation Center
Association of Charitable Foundations
Directory of social change
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
UK fundraising
Europe grants and loans =>,   Old  =>
Guidestar USA
Charity channel
Funds for NGOs
Terra Viva Grants


Sample grant proposals

PDFs and articles

Raising resources 
A Guide to Fundraising – PDF online 
Your guide to fundraising – PDF online   
Writing a fundraising strategy
The Fundraising Methods That Worked Best in 2010—and Could Work Best in 2011  

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models 

Preparing To Fundraise
A Dozen Myths and Tips in Fund Raising
Mango User Guide and Procedures –  Financial System Guide 
New Fundraising Initiatives Seek to Bolster Growth of Nonprofit Sector 
Comparing Charitable Giving in Canada and theUnitedStates: 
Giving in Australia 
Giving and Volunteering in Latin America 
Guide to Special Events Fundraising

Online courses or how to information

Japanese data, reports and articles

all these are related to「日本のNPO/NGOにおけるファンドレイズ機能とその発展ストラテジー」

Series of booklets and reports from MoFa and the Tokyo Foundation

PPT based on the report that is no longer on line



Online activities – Games for change

Be an ethical consumer!

Smart shopping links

Welcome to the Fair Trade Federation

Consume with a Conscience: The Rise of Ethical Shopping

Shop at the supermarket with a clear conscience!

Volunteer management

Volunteer Management Capacity in America’s Charities and Congregations

Volunteer Management Practices and Retention of Volunteers

Volunteer Mgt . Resource Kit  – Volunteering Queensland

Volunteer Mgt Audit: The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

Energize – online volunteer mag

Speech on volunteerism

Nonprofit mgt. help article

Action without borders

Risk Toolkit: How to take care of risk in volunteering, By Katharine Gaskin

some random Volunteer Mgt. Guides



volmgtresource toolkit



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