Sunday July 29 Education for Social Justice

A new workshop! Love to do new things but it sure takes a lot of time to prepare 1 day of activities and materials. Not knowing the audience and/or the numbers of participants means I over do it too …

Education for Social Justice: A hands-on introduction to major global issues through diverse activities.

Outline for the day – it was action packed

Opening Discussion: How good is your life? How are our lives connected to others?

Quiz – What makes a health issue a serious health issue?

*** due to time we had to skip => Hunger myths revealed!

Roleplay – Agriculture, hunger and health

Simulation – Imagine the life of a refugee

Simulation – Child labour, the lives of children who work

Quiz – gender rights and equity

*** due to time we had to skip => 1. smart shopping and becoming an ethical consumer 2. Online learning games

Final activity – how can we make the world a better place?

Most of the resources for this workshop can be found online – links are on my resources blog: