About this blog

Long time planned blog on the workshops am doing – mostly in Tokyo but other places too!

Basic information about my workshops, trainings and seminars:

Through skills-based trainings, my workshops aim to enhance the performance and capacity of international organizations, nonprofits and NGOs. I work with organizations to develop unique training programs aimed at achieving organizational goals.

Targeting corporate staff, university students, professional associations and the general public, i have been giving presentations on social and global issues aimed deepening knowledge of issues and solutions, while encouraging local community involvement.

Organizations and institutions I regularly work with:

JICA International Training Programs – see examples of programs and past projects here

Japan Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities (JSRPD)

Temple University, Japan Campus, School of Continuing Education Certificate Program in NGO Management

Tsuda College Open School – Tsuda International Training Program, Adult education program

People for Social Change (PSC), Skills Building Forums

Past training partners:

Foundation for Advanced Skills in International Development (FASID) NGO Diploma Program

Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention, Skills building seminars

Japan Foundation, Center for Global Partnership, US-Japan NPO Fellowship Training

Some past presentations and seminars:

Osaka University, Global careers training, Guest speaker, Preparation steps for careers in international development (2012)

Meiji University, Environmental Economics Course, Guest speaker – The development of INGOs and role of NGOs in the Environment. (2012)

Kyoto University, Global Environmental Studies Course, Guest speaker – Advocacy and the role of  NGOs in advocating for the environment. (2011) IEC for environmental change (2012)

Sophia University, NGO Management Course, Guest speaker – Roles and Functions of NGOs; IEC for Behaviour Modication (2010) Advocacy (2012)

Rikkyo University – Guest speaker – Poverty today: what can you do? (2010)

State Street Bank Foundation – guest presentation on Current Social Issues in Japan (2009)

Women English Language Learners (WELL) Annual Retreat, Keynote speaker – Volunteer in Japan? Yes you can! (2008).

Aoyama Gakkuen – Guest speaker – Youth can make a difference (2009) Introduction to trafficking in persons in Japan (2007).

Yokohama City University – Guest speaker – Introduction to the Japanese nonprofit sector (2007).

International School of the Sacred Heart – Guest speaker – Working in the nonprofit sector and how you can get involved. (2007).

Ernst and Young, Volunteer Committee – Introduction to the Japanese nonprofit sector (2006).

American Chamber of Commerce Japan, CSR committee – The History of the Japanese nonprofit sector (2006). Various 311 related events in 2011 and 2012


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