Gimme20 #5

From my friend Selena

– where does your senator stand ?
We all know there are mistake on google docs but have a look. Does it look like your rep is repping you? Find your state, see position and review their comments or silence. do these silent positions show nothing but scared representation? lack of spine or what?

They’re protecting their jobs and NOT doing what they were elected for.
We cannot be silent, therefore they cannot be silent! Demand that they step up and vote and stop this foolishness. call them and let them know you do vote.

They must take a stand by Voting or they can step down…or they can be voted out.

Gimme20 #4

The Jan 20 march was the start of something bigger. we need everyone to work together
Your Tu Jan 31 action requests #1 morning protest at the embassy protest the ban the wall stnace on refugees and “immigration policy” RSVP here

Going Protest Against Muslim/Refugee Ban at US Embassy

Jan 31 Tue 7:30 AM · JT Building (Outside US Embassy): See Link Below

If you cannot join us Tuesday at the US embassy, then please call your Senators tonight (Tokyo time). if you can join us then please do this before heading over:

tips on these sites……/urgent-take-action-now-urge-your-s……

Gimme20 #3

Courtesy of Shelly Wilsey – Your action item For today
Because President #45 won’t pull out of his business opps and his actions on immigration are unAmerican, I urge everyone to call your local Trump hotel to voice your concern. In DC taxpayers are leasing a property to him so it’s an especially good vehicle for voicing our concern. The President works for us and we own the Old post office pavilion leased to trump international. That number is 202 695 1100. Let’s send a message to his wallet. (Underscoring his hypocrisy, no one was banned from countries where he has deals. )

Gimme20 #1

Give 20 min a day in action:
Call Your Elected Officials,
Call the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be directed to your representatives. It is important to tell the operator why you are calling and what issue you’re calling about.

Urge them to protect immigrants, Muslims, and refugees.

You can also use a tool created by Make the Road NY to contact your senators on Facebook and Twitter.