Winter 2014 Intensive course @ TITP

Org mgt 2day 2014 (PDF)

Class schedule: Feb 15 and 22, 10:00-15:40

Objective: Develop skills for organizing & managing a Nonprofit NGO.

Overview: An intensive course focusing on the development of professional skills needed to manage organizations. Course themes include project, organizational structure, human resources, development, funds, fundraising and day-to-day operations management. Online readings introduce basic skills, techniques, and case studies.  Participants are expected to be active in class discussion, group work and complete presentations.

Language: All course materials are in English and classes will be conducted in English.


Course Outline

Day 1 themes and contents – Feb 15

1-1 Introduction to course and participants.

Introduction to nonprofit NGO and the mgt skills needed.

Creation of Mission and Vision statements

1-2 Organizational structure and leadership

1-3 Human Resource Management.

Board Members, Staff and volunteers

1-4 Basic project management

Seeing a problem and creating a solution

1-5 Group presentation – Project overview

Reading assignments for Day 1:

Capacity building for local NGOs: A guidance manual for good practice.

Chapter 0 Intro & contents

Chapter 1 The basics

Chapter 2 Organisational governance

Chapter 5 Managing people

Day 2 themes and contents Feb 22

2-1 Assignment review and discussion

2-2 Business plan, action plan and grant proposals

2-3 Fundraising and Financial management.

2-4 PR/ marketing and outreach

2-5 Group presentation – financial planning

Assignments for day 2:

Writing assignment – Write up an organization outline and brainstorm possible funding sources

Readings for day 2:

Capacity building for local NGOs: A guidance manual for good practice.

4 Managing finances

8 Publicity and fundraising