Dec 14 workshop on community organizing

Community Organizing for Social Change (One-day Workshop) (COS101-FA13)

Day/Time: Saturday 10:00-16:30
Location: TUJ Tokyo (Maps & Directions)

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COS 101 is a skills-based intensive workshop based on methods used to get ordinary people involved in their communities. After a review of background and history of community organizing, the workshop will focus on methods and specific steps for issue, network, strategy and plan development. This will be done in a workshop format with presentation discussion and group work. It is open to everyone who wants to get more involved in their community.


このスキルベースの集中型ワークショップは、一般の人たちにコミュニティ-との関わりをもたせる手法に基づいています。授業ではコミュ ニティ組織の背景や歴史を振り返った後、問題、ネットワーク、戦略、計画開発に対する取り組みの手法や具体的なステップに焦点をあてます。受講生は、プレ ゼンテーション・ディスカッションやグループワークを伴うワークショップ形式で学びます。もっとコミュニティに関わりたいと考えるすべての方にお勧めする ワークショップです。

Fees: ¥17,500

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ARI Eval project pix

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2013 marks the 40th anniversary of our ARI Rural Leaders Training Program, and ARI is using this opportunity to better understand how our Graduates have impacted their home communities over the years.


Since Winter 2013  Sarajean has been working with ARI leadership to put together a framework for the review. Since April, 2013 two graduate students from Sophia University, Lisette Robles and Jack Lichten, have been working as research assistants helping with in all aspects of the training program review. This research team has been visiting the ARI interviewing staff and 2013 Participants seeking out their views of the program’s strengths and weaknesses.

With the generous support from the Fetzer Institute, we have initiated a long term project to analyze the training based on the participants’ and graduates’ experiences.

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