Sunday July 29 Education for Social Justice

A new workshop! Love to do new things but it sure takes a lot of time to prepare 1 day of activities and materials. Not knowing the audience and/or the numbers of participants means I over do it too …

Education for Social Justice: A hands-on introduction to major global issues through diverse activities.

Outline for the day – it was action packed

Opening Discussion: How good is your life? How are our lives connected to others?

Quiz – What makes a health issue a serious health issue?

*** due to time we had to skip => Hunger myths revealed!

Roleplay – Agriculture, hunger and health

Simulation – Imagine the life of a refugee

Simulation – Child labour, the lives of children who work

Quiz – gender rights and equity

*** due to time we had to skip => 1. smart shopping and becoming an ethical consumer 2. Online learning games

Final activity – how can we make the world a better place?

Most of the resources for this workshop can be found online – links are on my resources blog:



Saturday July 28

The final day of the Role and Functions of NGOs (NGO 301) came and went – 10 weeks flies by! I always feel like it is so long at the beginning but then … suddenly we are at week 7!

I was a bit concerned with having only 4 participants – and only 1 native English speaker – as this class usually has 8 -10 people. This meant I had to drop all group activities, role-plays etc. UGH!

At first but It meant we got to be more engaged directly with each other and that part was very worthwhile. I also got to add some new things that relied more heavily on presentation.

Last class presentations on olive oil in Palestine and street children in Ecuador were also very interesting.

Parting is always such sweet sorrow …

Friday July 27 workshop

The last of a three-part workshop series for the JICA training program on the promotion of decent work for person with disabilities. The last day is always a bit sad as we go through a lot of discussion over the course of a month of project plan development

Basic outline

Day 1 June 28
am – workshop on stakeholders and community assessment
pm – workshop introducing to the JICA project plan structure and contents

Day 2 July 17
am – workshop on government NGO collaboration

(These pix are from the role play on presenting new plans to government officials.)
pm – workshop reviewing their project plans and reviewing some past successful examples of projects (click here for past plans), introduction to presenting their plans to JICA

Day 3 July 27
Am – dry run of project presentations
Pm – hints for presentation and tips for editing the a narrative version of their project plans

The last day always a bit emotional – it’s a week before the final applications and presentations, 7 weeks after their arrival in Japan and they have been working hard on trying to digest what they have learned and seen so that they can better meet the work and skill development needs for the persons with different abilities in their communities.

This year was particularly emotionally as it was a great group of men and women that really engaged actively in each roleplay and discussion and helped each other. Besides the English language and cultural issues that can arise, a challenge sometimes is the gap in skills and experience. This year participants attempted to support each other to the point where the diversity and gaps turned out to be a real strength of the whole group – as one team.

It was a real honor to work with them.

I was moved to tears when the participant from Dominica gave a thanks and farewell speech to me on behalf of the whole group.

August UPDATE – Below is a Photo from the final presentation day

August 1

– They gave their presentations which were received very well!

Now they just have to go out and change the world – or at least one part of it.

Mid-July JICA health program workshop

This year my workshop time was  doubled – 2 days and new themes

i have been doing this series for 4 years and this year was the most fun.

This is a very switched on group mostly for ministries of health of a big variety of nations. Quite an elite switched on group … they really keep me on my toes. Great diversity in participants – PNG, DRC, Ecuador, Laos, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and many more.


Day 1

Am – review of NGO-government collaboration and introduction to advocacy through case studies

Pm – develop an advocacy plan to develop new policy or to promote new government funding


Day 2

Am – review of fundraising sources, overview of grant writing process, review of foundation information

Pm – develop a grant proposal or fundraising plan